Training For Work Glasgow: Erin

Updated: 05/03/2024

Erin was referred to Barnardo’s Works by her careers advisor who felt she would benefit from confidence building, having a structured routine and building her employability skills.

“Before starting the course, I felt very nervous and anxious as it was unlike something I’d ever done before. I was a very nervous person before starting course, particularly about meeting new people”

Erin completed our Training for Work-Childcare programme in Glasgow, the course runs for 12 weeks and is in the city centre.

Over the first 6 weeks on programme Erin attended all sessions and took part in; Skills & Qualities sessions, CV building, interview technique, employer expectations, working with others, personal money management, employer talks and paediatric first aid.

Following on from this Erin completed a 6 week work placement at Tollcross YMCA, this gave Erin real work experience to boost her CV and the confidence that she could work successfully in childcare.

“The course coordinator made me feel completely at home and comfortable especially when meeting new people and learning to work with other people in a team”

Erin interviewed for an MA with the childcare management company. She worked hard attending 1-2-1 appointments weekly, doing interview prep both in appointments and at home. She was then successful following interviews with the Childcare management company and an interview and trial with Indigo Childcare group.

Erin is now working as a childcare assistant with Indigo Childcare group completing her MA.

 “After finishing the course, I am much more confident in my abilities and skills. I feel like I made real progress in my confidence and now thanks to the course, coordinators and the skills I learned, I am now starting a modern apprenticeship in childcare “

Holly Goldie, Barnardo’s Works Employer Liaison: “Erin was one of the first young people I worked with when I started at Barnardo’s Works, and throughout the last few months I have saw her confidence grow significantly, completing multiple interviews to secure her MA, being positive and persistent to reach her end goal. Well done Erin I am delighted for you!”

Erin Cairns, Barnardo’s Works Project Worker: “It was an honour to watch Erins self-confidence, self-esteem and her determination grow over the duration of the Training For Work Programme and for the weeks following. Erin worked incredibly hard to build upon her confidence level, she said yes to new opportunities presented to her and pushed her own comfort zone daily! Erin gave her everything to all interviews required to secure her MA, she should be so SO proud of herself and all her achievements! I’m certain Erin will achieve great things in the years to come! Go Erin!!”

Debby, Manager at Indigo Childcare: “Erin has settled well into our nursery and is continuing to get to know the nursery routine. Erin has quickly built a good relationship with the staff team and is continuing to get to know the children in the playroom. Erin is confident is asking questions and is willing to take direction and support from others. We are exciting to be part of Erin’s learning journey.”

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