Rawand shares his journey on The JOBS Project for World Youth Skills Day.

Updated: 24/07/2023

“My name is Rawand, I am 26 years old and from North Iraq, the Kurdistan region. I moved to the UK in 2020 to seek asylum due to the ongoing conflict in my home country and the risk to my life. During my time living in Kurdistan, I attended university, and I became a qualified nurse, as I have always been passionate about helping people.”

“I arrived in the UK during the pandemic, which was difficult for me as I did not know anybody here, which meant I spent a lot of the time alone. However, I utilised this time to learn how to speak English and I taught myself how to paint.
Art is very much a passion of mine and I have always enjoyed doing it – it feels like an escape for me.”

“I have recently completed the Barnardo’s JOBS Project and I found it very helpful with building my confidence. It has also given me valuable employment skills such as the ability to create a CV, understand the job application process and how to be confident in an interview. The course has also helped me gain access to a hospitality programme, which will help me achieve my goal of getting a job. I am very appreciative of what Barnardo’s has done for me and I am looking forward to my future, here in the

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