Building Hope Academy Learner Quotes

Updated: 30/08/2023

Read on to hear about what learner’s say about the programme…


“Ever since I joined Barnardo’s Building Hope, I have been enthusiastic to learn new skills and I have been excited to come here because I know when this is over it will be worth it”.


“It has given me a better idea of where I would like to go career-wise. Before I started, I wasn’t sure, so I came here to create more opportunities for myself. I wasn’t too optimistic when I first started but as the weeks went by it got better, I gained skills I didn’t have before and felt more comfortable coming here”.


“Before the course I wasn’t excited about learning new skills but the further I have gone into the course the more confidence I have gained and my thoughts on life in general have altered”.


“The programme so far has helped increase my skills in different types of construction and boost my confidence in different aspects”.

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