Duncan Case Study by Jenny Stewart

Updated: 01/09/2022


Duncan is a young person who was supported on our Fit For Work programme. They are non-Binary so I will refer to them as they/them throughout this case study.

Case Study

Duncan had worked with Barnardo’s previously. They disengaged from Education due to Covid-19 as they were struggling with the online learning of their college course they got back in touch with Barnardo’s. We felt that they were most suited for our Fit For Work programme where they attended 12 weeks of activities which included:

  • Online sessions which gave them an opportunity to try out different online platforms such as Zoom. They even made a film entitled “zoom hell” online with the help of a local filmmaker. For the project, they wrote the script, filmed their individual parts of their phone and filmed online in a group session
  • A mybank sessions, these sessions gave life skills in how to budget, different types of interest and the costs of running a home themselves. It also gave good advice of debt and who the young people could turn too. This was a certified qualification
  • Walking sessions. Duncan took part in a walking challenge where the young people collectively walked the distance from Dundee to Aberdeen over several sessions. This helped to improve mental health and wellbeing and overall fitness as some of the young people in this group including Duncan were rarely leaving their house due to the lockdown the summer before.
After FFW

After Duncan had completed this programme, they were keen to still stay on with Barnardo’s. Duncan was interested in a career in CLD or social work. As such we decided he would come and volunteer with the next FFW group as he could share his lived experience with the new group. Duncan did amazingly in this group. We used a strength-based approach and incorporated creative art-based activities into this group which Duncan could lead on. This helped them grow in confidence and self-belief. Duncan also started to gain valuable skills that they could use on their personal statement for college.

At the end of the 12 weeks Duncan still required some support from Barnardo’s. During this time Duncan was successful with our support In getting a part time job in retail, this was amazing as it really helped to grow their confidence even more. As Duncan was care experience and was currently living in kinship care with his sister, we then registered Duncan with our Discover Your Potential programme which gave us the flexibility to give Duncan long term support, while on this programme, Duncan met with myself regularly. We applied for several college courses and Duncan received several offers before deciding on NC health and social care at Perth UHI.

Duncan has sustained college and is near the end of his course now, they even reached out and asked to do some of his college placement with Barnardo’s to help support other young people. They have now been given a conditional offer to study at university in London which Duncan is thrilled with.

Jenny Stewart

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