Level 3 – Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service is vital to any organisation. These courses provide relationship-building and customer care skills to help you effectively undertake a Customer Service role and become an important member of any team.

Course Summary

This qualification is for those just starting out in the industry, helping them to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment in the retail industry.

As part of your learning, you will develop skills in face-to-face, telephone and written customer correspondence.

As well as providing vocational skills for working in customer service, these courses offer a broader curriculum designed to develop self-confidence, personal and social skills, Employability, Maths, English and IT skills.

You will learn how to effectively:

  • Manage customer enquiries and respond to customer requests
  • Deal with customer problems and provide solutions
  • Handle customer complaints in a professional and responsible manner
Course available at Barnardo’s ETS North
Course available at Midlands ETS

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