Level 2 Early Years Practitioner

Your journey in becoming an Early Years Practitioner is split into 2 sections. There are the knowledge-based learning outcomes which means you are expected to write about what you have learnt and the skills-based learning which means you will be observed on placement. You cannot achieve this qualification if you do not go out on placement. You are expected to complete 250 hours with an employer to be able to meet each unit skills.

Course Summary

You have 14 mandatory units to complete in 12 months and 3 observations in work placement. The following units are knowledge/skills base:

EYP 01: Roles and responsibilities of the Early Years Practitioner

EYP 02: Health and safety of babies and young children in the early years

EYP 03: Equality, diversity and inclusive practice in Early Years Settings

EYP 04: Safeguarding, protection and welfare of babies and young children in Early Years Settings

EYP 05: Understand how to support children’s development – is knowledge base only (written assessment)

EYP 06: Support care routines for babies and young children

EYP 07: Support the planning and delivery of activities, purposeful play opportunities and educational

EYP 08: Promote play in an Early Years Setting

EYP 09: Support well-being of babies and young children for healthy lifestyles

EYP 10: Support babies and young children to be physically active

EYP 11: Support the needs of babies and young children with Special Educational Needs and Disability

EYP 12: Promote positive behaviour in Early Years Settings

EYP 13: Partnership working in the early years and EYP 14: Support the needs of the child in preparing for school

Fully accredited by the DfE and provides practitioners the skills knowledge and behaviour they need to work in a childcare setting.

Course available at ETS Yorkshire

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