Level 1 in Introduction to Health and Social Care and also Childrens and Young Peoples Settings

This qualification is for learners who wish to work in the health and social care and early years and childcare sectors.

Course Summary

The Qualification:

  • Is aimed at learners to understand these settings before deciding whether working in the sector is for them.
  • Allows learners to gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills required for employment and/or progression in the sectors.
  • Allows learners to tailers their learning to their interests through a broad range of optional units.
  • Supports progression to level 2 qualifications in health, social care, or children’s settings.
  • Provides learners with the opportunity to progress to employment in a range of job roles in the care sectors.


This qualification is nested. Qualifications within a nested suite allow learners to be topped up to a qualification that is the same level and subject within the Award, Certificate, Diploma structure.

Course available at ETS Yorkshire
Course available at Midlands ETS
Course available at Barnardo’s ETS North

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