Building Hope Academy Case Study: WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION

Updated: 30/08/2023


Sarah started the Programme in October 2019, at the time, she was a single mum of three Young children. She started the program in hopes of gaining construction skills.


At the start of the programme Sarah was not confident in studying Maths and English and was anxious and concerned she might not pass these subjects, however, she put in the hard work and with the help of her tutors and encouragement from staff she was able to pass the subjects.

Socialising was another aspect that made Sarah nervous at the start of the programme, she had not been in a class/learning environment or been around new faces other than her familiar surroundings and these fears for a while kept her isolated socially at the beginning of the programme.


During the program Sarah started functional skills in Maths and English with the help of an assistant and determination was able to complete both Maths and English and gain her functional skills qualifications. In additional, she passed her CSCS Test and First Aid training,  had a key role in leading a community forum which included; speaking publicly in front of peers and professionals.

In addition, Sarah was able to lead in teamwork actives and was voted for by her peers has Deputy of Student Voice which helped her in overcoming her anxiety about socialising and speaking to different people. Sarah  also gained employment working as a construction support technician. Sarah’s aspirations have grown, and she desires to work more with young people in construction in the future.

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