Step2Work Renfrewshire – Jayden

Jayden first engaged with Barnardo’s Works when he was in S5 at Castlehead High School. Jayden was wanting to leave school but was not quite sure what next steps would be.

Jayden started Barnardo’s EXPLORE programme while still at school, this introduced him to Barnardo’s Works and staff, Jayden successfully completed EXPLORE,  showing up consistently, after not attending school.

Jayden chose to leave school at Christmas, and, after successful interview came onto our STEP2WORK course.

Jayden is very into sports and is a keen amateur boxer.

“Barnardo’s Works allowed me to meet new people, gain qualifications”

While on the STEP2WORK Programme Jayden gained qualifications; Step to Work Award, Personal Money Management and First Aid at Work. Jayden met new people and built new friendships.


Jayden explored different career options and sectors during his time working with us, and decided sport and fitness industry was the path he wanted to take.

Jayden applied to go to West College Scotland on their entry into sport and fitness programme starting in August. Jayden successfully secured his space.

As part of his course Jayden completed a 4 week work placement through ONEREN which Jayden received excellent feedback for. ONEREN were advertising for part time leisure attendants, as Jayden was doing so well they encouraged him to apply.

“I was introduced to staff at One Ren which has allowed me to get a job following my work placement which I really enjoyed. This has allowed me to start my career in sport and fitness.”

After successfully interviewing Jayden gained the position as leisure attendant job with OneRen.

“Barnardo’s Works allowed me to meet new people, gain qualifications as well as being introduced to staff at One Ren which has allowed me to get a job following my work placement which I really enjoyed. This has allowed me to start my career in sport and fitness.”- Jayden

“Jayden has shown dedication throughout his time with Barnardo’s Works and has progressed hugely throughout his time on programme and after. I am delighted for Jayden securing both a college place and employment- well done!”- Holly, ELO

Step2Work Renfrewshire – Lee

Lee attended Trinity High in Renfrew and was introduced to Barnardo’s Works through completing our TASTE programme in s4, which was a construction focused programme and allowed Lee to learn more about the industry. Lee then went onto our EXPLORE programme in Trinity High as he was a winter school leaver. Following successful completion of EXPLORE, Lee was offered a spot on our STEP2WORK programme.

“Barnardo’s Works helped me build my confidence and meet new people”

Lee’s barriers were lack of knowledge, lack of work experience and qualifications. Lee knew he wanted to work in construction but wasn’t sure how to get there.

During his time working with us, Lee gained a number of qualfications: First aid at work, CSCS card vehicle marshalling, MYBNK, nutrition course, employer talks with Sophie at McTaggart and James Frew. Lee was excellent on programme- showing commitment and dedication.

“Barnardo’s Works helped me get construction focused qualifications to then go on and get a MA in construction sector”

Lee completed a 6 week landscaping work placement which he received excellent feedback from employer.

Holly, ELO, was then approached by Paul Hendry at JHC interiors looking for a young person to take on for a potential apprenticeship opportunity. Lee’s name was put forward and following an additional 2 weeks work placement with JHC Lee was offered a job! Working as a labourer over summer before starting a Modern Apprenticeship in Ceiling Fixing in September.

“Barnardo’s Works helped me get construction focused qualifications to then go on and get a MA in construction sector. Barnardo’s Works helped me build my confidence and meet new people. Being introduced to Paul and JHC interiors through Barnardo’s Works allowed me to secure my Apprenticeship” – LEE

“It has been a pleasure to support Lee throughout his time on STEP2WORK and the weeks following. He has shown determination to secure a job within the construction industry and has put in the hard work and shown the right attitude to get to where he is now. I am delighted he has secured employment with JHC and he is already receiving excellent feedback from his employer. Well done Lee!” – Holly, ELO

Carol Deans

Carol is our Employer Liaison Officer covering Glasgow. It’s her role to form links between employers and the young people who use our service, this could be in the form of; employer talks and visits, work placements or work tasters.

Carol is a jack of all trades and can also be found helping deliver groups across the West of Scotland.

Carols fun facts: I love spiders and boats. I’m not particularly fond of parking tickets, which, I seem to get on a regular basis!


Barnardo’s Works West – Kara

In Nov 2022 a local secondary school reached out to us, Barnardo’s Works in Paisley to discuss potential light touch employability support we could provide for a care experienced young person who was approaching the end secondary school and who had multiple barriers such as additional support needs, self-presentation, expectations of the workplace etc.

Kara engaged in an employability qualification course we delivered within the secondary school and worked 1-2-1 with a Project Worker on the DYP Programme throughout the transition from secondary school to the world of work. Kara then engaged in the Head2Work Programme where she built upon her confidence level, social skills, independent travel, community engagement and her knowledge of the world of work. Kara then successfully interviewed for the Stage 2 STEP2WORK Programme we deliver. Kara engaged in many generic employability focused sessions (CV Workshop, Skills and Qualities, Money Management, Employee Rights etc.), employer talks/visits and started a retail focused work placement at a local Barnardo’s Shop, she has continued to volunteer after programme officially ended.

“Barnardo’s helped me build up my confidence. It really helped me leave school knowing I had Barnardo’s there to help me.”
“I’ve made friends at Barnardo’s that I still see and volunteer with at Jackies shop”

Kara then engaged in a woman’s only employability and empowerment programme delivered by the local authority, throughout Kara’s time engaging in this she met with her Barnardo’s Project Worker fortnightly through the DYP Programme who supported her to understand and build upon her self-presentation, her daily routine, job search, application skills, interview prep and her DYP Project Worker even went to see Kara perform in a lead role at her local theatre’s production of Grease the Musical!

“Erin (DYP project worker) has been working with me one to one helping with interview prep and support. I think she is a good person, friendly and kind and a good team player”

Kara got support to apply for a local vacancy as a Domestic Housekeeper, she secured an interview and got support to interview prep and what to wear! Kara has successfully secured employment!

“The past few days I’ve been getting to know the residents and my colleagues, and learning about what I’m supposed to do. I’ve felt welcome and its been good.”

Training For Work Glasgow: Erin

Erin was referred to Barnardo’s Works by her careers advisor who felt she would benefit from confidence building, having a structured routine and building her employability skills.

“Before starting the course, I felt very nervous and anxious as it was unlike something I’d ever done before. I was a very nervous person before starting course, particularly about meeting new people”

Erin completed our Training for Work-Childcare programme in Glasgow, the course runs for 12 weeks and is in the city centre.

Over the first 6 weeks on programme Erin attended all sessions and took part in; Skills & Qualities sessions, CV building, interview technique, employer expectations, working with others, personal money management, employer talks and paediatric first aid.

Following on from this Erin completed a 6 week work placement at Tollcross YMCA, this gave Erin real work experience to boost her CV and the confidence that she could work successfully in childcare.

“The course coordinator made me feel completely at home and comfortable especially when meeting new people and learning to work with other people in a team”

Erin interviewed for an MA with the childcare management company. She worked hard attending 1-2-1 appointments weekly, doing interview prep both in appointments and at home. She was then successful following interviews with the Childcare management company and an interview and trial with Indigo Childcare group.

Erin is now working as a childcare assistant with Indigo Childcare group completing her MA.

 “After finishing the course, I am much more confident in my abilities and skills. I feel like I made real progress in my confidence and now thanks to the course, coordinators and the skills I learned, I am now starting a modern apprenticeship in childcare “

Holly Goldie, Barnardo’s Works Employer Liaison: “Erin was one of the first young people I worked with when I started at Barnardo’s Works, and throughout the last few months I have saw her confidence grow significantly, completing multiple interviews to secure her MA, being positive and persistent to reach her end goal. Well done Erin I am delighted for you!”

Erin Cairns, Barnardo’s Works Project Worker: “It was an honour to watch Erins self-confidence, self-esteem and her determination grow over the duration of the Training For Work Programme and for the weeks following. Erin worked incredibly hard to build upon her confidence level, she said yes to new opportunities presented to her and pushed her own comfort zone daily! Erin gave her everything to all interviews required to secure her MA, she should be so SO proud of herself and all her achievements! I’m certain Erin will achieve great things in the years to come! Go Erin!!”

Debby, Manager at Indigo Childcare: “Erin has settled well into our nursery and is continuing to get to know the nursery routine. Erin has quickly built a good relationship with the staff team and is continuing to get to know the children in the playroom. Erin is confident is asking questions and is willing to take direction and support from others. We are exciting to be part of Erin’s learning journey.”

Training For Work Glasgow – James

James was unsure about what he wanted to do when leaving school. He had not enjoyed his time in education and was lacking confidence in himself. He did not feel college was the right next step for him but did not know how to enter the job market.

James was referred for Training for Work with Barnardo’s Works, and he began attending group sessions focused on developing skills for customer service and business administration. James worked with others in his group and developed his communication and both his confidence and ability to work with others, while also completing a SQA in Skills for Customer Care.

“I have to say I am so chuffed, the difference in him since he came in is amazing”

James was then put forward for a short-term internship at the Cabinet Office, where he was able to learn about working in administration for the UK Government. He was able to work within a team to deliver a research project and put himself forward to deliver a presentation as part of this. James’s belief in himself and self esteem were significantly enhanced as a result of this, and he went on to have successful work placement. James was able to progress onto a paid work placement with SSE, working within their SMART data team.

“he could never have done anything like this a few weeks back”

Alan (Operations Manager with SSE) had this to say: “I have to say I am so chuffed, the difference in him since he came in is amazing, his confidence going through this presentation including what he sees as his weaknesses and how he’s trying to improve is great, he could never have done anything like this a few weeks back, what’s also really encouraging for me is how warmly he has spoken about the team and the support, advice and encouragement they have given him”.

Training For Work – Glasgow: Israa

Israa has been engaging in our Training For Work Childcare focused programme over the past 10 weeks, this is an employability support programme which aims to give young people who are keen to learn more about the childcare industry additional knowledge, build confidence levels, relevant qualifications & a work placement in a real working environment in the local community!

Israa has given her all to every opportunity presented to her on programme, she has confidently spoke to employers, taken part in a Paediatric First Aid course, has gained a Personal Money Management qualification, interacted well with her peers, has been a leader within the group & has really showcased her passion to learn and thrive in both her personal and professional life!                                                                                                                                                         


“Israa is doing really well. She is eager, curious and creative”

Israa has recently moved to Scotland from England where she briefly lived after moving to the UK from Iraq. Israa felt the opportunity to volunteer was out of reach due to hardships in her life both before she moved to the UK & since however over the past 4 weeks Israa has been volunteering at a local family support organisation called Stepping Stones For Families who aim to give children, young people and their families support, opportunities and a voice in tackling the effects of poverty and disadvantage in their lives. Israa has thrived at work placement, she says she has learnt more than she could ever have imagined, has made connections with staff & service users, and feels this volunteering opportunity has given her a real purpose! Laura who is Stepping Stones for Families Power of Play Service Manger has said “Israa is doing really well. She is eager, curious and creative. She is getting involved in learning about the childcare element of the family support service, infection control, developmental milestones and play. She is also getting to experience our family support side and the parents’ groups where she is showing empathy and learning about the types of support needed and available”. Well done Israa!


Israa gained employment as a Sales Assistant with Primark and is now one month into the job!

Israa said:

“The interview was really good . Barnardo’s helped me prepare for it, I then felt ready to go in and get the job! I have learned a lot in this job, it’s going great, all of my colleagues are very nice and kind! Having great people to work with is amazing.”


Adam Ivanski

Adam is a member of the Project Worker team

He helps to deliver the Training for Work programme, which allows young people to complete sector specific training with employability support to help young people move into employment.


Adam’s Fun Fact – Adam recently surpassed 50 Munro climbs in his attempt to reach all 282 in Scotland!

Alan Cargill

Alan (Big Al) Cargill is a member of the Project Worker team here at Barnardo’s Works West.

He helps to deliver the Stride2Work programme, providing young people employability support to help them move into employment.

Al also delivers Barnardo’s Wellbeing groups in north Ayrshire. This is a 4 week course, aimed at those furthest removed from work, based on confidence building and helping young people take the first steps in their employability journey.

Fun Fact: In his spare time Alan loves to ride motorcycles and go camping with his old dog Rosie

Barnardo’s Works West of Scotland

Welcome to Barnardo’s Works West!

Barnardo’s Works West is a successful and established service based in the Lochfield area of Paisley and covering primarily the Renfrewshire council area, providing young people with the skills, experience, and opportunities to access independent, sustainable employment.

We offer a wide variety of programmes supporting young people aged 15-29 into employment and training. These range from bespoke one-to-one programmes to group work and work placements, all with the aim of helping young people achieve their employment goals.

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The Works West team is made up of Twelve members across the service between our Management, Admins, Project Workers, and Social Media, every one of them here to help however they can!

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