Ana Case Study by Jenny Stewart

Updated: 09/09/2022


Ana joined the Parental Employment Support Fund (PES) programme in March this year. She was referred to us as she had applied for an administrator role within our team but had been unsuccessful. She met with her employability coordinator discussed her circumstances.

Ana had moved 7 years ago to Scotland from Catalonia. She felt that in the 7 years she had been out of work that she had lost confidence and that her mental health had suffered during Covid-19. She also had never attended an interview in Scotland. Though Ana has a high level of English, she was very anxious about communicating at interviews.

Previously in Barcelona she had worked on many projects within children’s services with Save the Children, the Red Cross, and nurseries. Since coming to Scotland she had only worked on a self-employed freelance basis as a graphic designer and had also been volunteering in a charity shop.

Since having her children she had decided that she would like to work in an office-based role. Ana is a mum of 3 children and was looking to move back into work and regain a sense of identity out with “mum”.

Case Study

Ana built in confidence through her meetings with her employability coordinator. Through these meetings she was able to have opportunities to update her CV, discuss her skills experience and knowledge, talk through any worries, and be supported with regular job searches. Through this Ana also gained more confidence, motivation, and self-belief in herself.

When Ana felt prepared and able to start her job, she was booked on an information season at the job centre about the roles available at Social Security Scotland. After this she applied for one of these roles. She was supported through all 3 stages of the application process. This involved her being taught the STAR method and how she could use this within interviews. Ana passed Stage 1 and Stage 2, but sadly she was unsuccessful at the video interview stage. This was very disappointing to Ana. But due to the resilience and self-belief she had built due to her continuing to engage with her employability coordinator she was able to get straight back to her job search.

Ana was then informed by her employability coordinator of an open day at Embark. Ana went down to hand in her CV. Upon arriving at Embark she was informed that a candidate had not turned up for their interview so did she want an interview right now. This previously would have been something Ana would have not feel able to do. But due to all the training she had been undertaking she decided just to go for it. Ana completed the interview well, using the STAR method to formulate her answers. Later that day Ana was told that she had the job!

After PES

Since then, Ana has been receiving in work support from her employability coordinator to support her with the move in to work. She is doing amazingly. She says her journey with PES “felt very supportive” and that “Someone was with me; it wasn’t just me alone”

Jenny Stewart

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